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KFGCAward Winners History

Year Grassroots Public Service: County Public Service: State Industry
2015 Caldwell Willig Jay Stone Kimberly Field Ken Carpenter
2014 Craig Cohron Clint Hardy Kevin Laurent Scott Flynn
2013 John McCoy Joanna Coles John James Chris Agee
2012 Barry Drury Shane Bogle Elmer Gray Bill Bracy
2011 Buddy Smith Lyndall Harned Gene Olson Scott Cooper
2010 Jim Landis Tommy Yankey Laurie Lawrence Jon Doran
2009 Clayton & Christopher Geralds Darrell Simpson Glen Aiken Jeremy McGill
2008 Todd Clark Chris Milam Ray Smith Jeff Medlin
2007 John & Randy Seymour Rick Greenwell Lowell Bush Ralph Quillen
2006 Bill Payne George Kelley Mike Barrett Buddy Rowlett
2005 Paul Beauchamp & Ova Alexander Rankin Powell Byron Sleugh Bret Winsett
2004 Lee Robey Don Sorrell Donnie Davis Joe Stephens
2003 Jason Sandefur Keenan Turner Tim Phillips Mike Feldhaus
2002 Jimmy May Doug Shepherd Chuck Dougherty Charlie Leppert
2001 Steve Johnson Charlie McIntire Donna Amaral-Phillips Sharon Burton
2000 Nicky Baker Gary Tilghman Oran Little Phil Rowland
1999 Russell Hackley Bill Green Joe Wyles John Long
1998 Minos Cox Dr. Luther Smith Billy Ray Smith Bill Cisney
1997 Cecil Cade Terry Gibson/Darrell Burks David Stipes J.W. Stephens
1996 Bryan Hatfield John Fourqurean Jimmy C. Henning Phil Howell
1995 Donnie Shaw Steve Moore John Johns Tom Keene
1994 J.B. & Bill Holtzclaw Steve Osbourne/Ken Johnson David Williamson Bill Talley
1994 Ben Crawford Jack Ewing Mike Collins Gary Coughlin
1993 Larry Shirley Paul Deaton Roy Burris Gary Lane
1992 Larry Jeffries Tom Curtsinger Harold Vaught Dink Embry
1991 John Nowak Dan Grigson Ken Wells Tim Sickman
1990 Wallace Campbell Kelsey Driskill Don Henry Charles Dobbs
1988     Normal Taylor Henry T. McCarley
1987 Hillary Skees John Kavanaugh Paul Burris Wayne Harr
1986 Don Moore   Curtis Absher Garland Bastin
1985 Lenn Lee Nelson/Dr. G.L. Simpson   Monroe Rasnake  
1984 Paul McCarthy   A.J. Hiatt Jack Crowner
1983 Dale Lovell   Bobby Pass  
1982 Larry Campbell      
1981 Harry Goodin/Henry Besuden   Garry Lacefield / J. Kenneth Evans Aubrey Warren
1980 Charles Schnitzler/Harold Rose/John Turner/Don Evans   Tim Taylor Warren Thompson
1976     E.N. Fergus/Bill Johnstone Barney Arnold

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All photos submitted by KFGC members or University of Kentucky not for reproduction.

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