KFGC Switchgrass Project

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To identify our goals and get them to other organizations such as the Family Farms Commission. Develop demonstration intensive grazing farms with data collection. Recruitment: By manning displays at various conferences, targeting the county cattlemen's association.
To target and communicate who we are to non-members by going to various commodity meetings and asking for time on the program to tell about who we are and why they should be a member. Co-sponsor joint education projects with partners, such as teachers, KCA, and others. Visit local cattlemen's association meetings, packet for membership recruitment and retention, coupon book of discounts.
To develop forage information for Agriculture teachers to teach their students. Review and obtain materials for the classroom video for FFA . Develop a relationship with national companies by using membership incentive packs.
Pursue KFGC column in Cow Country News every month, with the name and logo of KFGC or to use the KFGC logo in forage articles in the Farmer's Pride.
To contact FFA about the idea of junior membership.
To Explore internet/website communication Exhibit Coordination.

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